Sullivan+Strumpf is participating in Art Jakarta 2022, showcasing a solo presentation by Irfan Hendrian.

Hendrian is known for using paper as the prime medium in his works. He explores the three-dimensionality despite its two-dimensional nature, the sculptural capabilities despite its thinness. In our daily life, paper is a planar surface which then turned into other objects newspapers, letters, documents, books, boxes, and so many different things. The artist even recalls his childhood when his parents gifted him a piece of yellow paper as protection yearly. Started with paper as a foundation, it then offers myriad of possibilities, knowledge, agreements, and even protection. In ‘Incongnito’, Hendrian explores the context of paper as objects when different ideas are manifested on it, the works are taking shapes of heavy construction materials when in reality they are made out of thin and light material that is paper.
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