'Unobtainable Build' in ARTJOG 2023 delves into an aspect of the Indonesian-Chinese (Tionghoa) community, specifically in Yogyakarta. According to a Special District of Yogyakarta edict in 1975, Indonesian citizens of non-local descent are not allowed access to full ownership of full property in the province. The edict was allegedly made due to speculations that in Yogyakarta, the Tionghoa community was on the Dutch’s side at the time of independence while in reality, the community contributed to Indonesia’s independence. Through the use of documents referencing the laws, restrictions and apeals upon the community, stacked and compressed to form impediments and structures within his installation, Hendrian tries to convey the state of insecurity that is ever present in his position.

Jogja National Museum

30 June - 27 August 2023

Unobtainable Build

Offset lithography, risography, vynil and dye cut on layers of paper, belt, aluminium and wood
Variable dimensions

Unobtainable Build I

Offset lithography, risography & dye cut on layers paper
87 x 113 x 9 cm

unobtainable build IV

Risography & dye cut on layers paper
57x48x9 cm
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