Foreword from Progamme Director, Emi Eu

Irfan’s work stands out because of his refreshing approach towards the medium of paper - a material which often functions as a support for other mediums, especially in fine art practices. He turned it into a construction material and transformed preconceived notions of objects and their materiality, bringing paper’s lesser-known attributes to the forefront of appreciation and re-discovery. This prompted me to delve further into his practice.

I eventually learnt that he grew up in Bandung, a city with a rich printing history where the dissemination of news, information, and ideas hark all the way back to the early 20th century, at the peak of the second industrial revolution. Some Other Matter builds upon the legacy of these extant presses and machine to subvert established ideas of progress. As we enter the fourth wave of the industrial revolution, it is timely to take a step back and consider how we value and respond to the material world, as well as contemplate the consequences of these choices on ourselves and our future.

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Exhibited in Aloft at Hermès Singapore,  1 August - 13 October 2019

Tropical Ephemerality: Brick Stack

Books & Bricks
Variable Dimension

Behind Urban Decay

Paper, Reclaimed Publication, Reclaimed Corrugated Metal Panel & Wood
120x630x180 cm

Ephemerality: Column

Layers of Offset Lithography on Duplex Board, Wood Rod & Concrete Base
37x37x250 cm

Temporary Matter: Scaffolding

Sculpted Paper & Reclaimed Wood
70x70x180 cm

Temporary Matter: Sawhorse

Sculpted Paper & Reclaimed Wood
40x120x70 cm

Material Recollection

Offset Lithography on Duplex Board, Risography on Paper Board, Reclaimed Cinder Block,
Reclaimed Wood, Sculpted Paper, Reclaimed Reclaimed Corrugated Metal Panel
Using Format